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Dump the Truck

If you chant it, he’ll do it. Hence … “Dump the truck.”

This is just one of those things. One day, I told him to dump the truck. He did. Then he started applauding himself after successfully dumping said truck. (Recording before he was really walking).

He has a dump truck. He’s wearing a shirt that says “Dump Truck.” Enjoy.

Dylan Meets His First Radio Flyer

My parents wanted to get Dylan his first Radio Flyer for Christmas. I had no problem with this. Since he’s only 1.1 years old, they decided it didn’t matter when he technically received the gift. I agreed. (This video is recorded mainly for my parents).

Dylan woke from a nap, I hit record.

I dinged the bell a couple of times. I put Dylan on top of the Radio Flyer. I hit record.

Toy Inspector/Beginning Walker

Dylan took his first steps on a Monday. By Sunday he was choosing to walk 85 percent of the time. This is a video in between those times. Now, even if a toy is one foot away, he’ll stand up, take two drunken steps, flop down, and then grab the toy. Here he is inspecting the Jumperoo, which I finally, officially took out of the room shortly after this (it served its purpose).

The Most Boring Lime/Lemon Baby Eating Video Ever

I submit to you “The Most Boring Lime/Lemon Baby Eating Video Ever.”

Dylan turned one and I finally decided he was ready for those wacky eating videos. First lime, then lemon, and finally a little cake at the end. He didn’t care.

There was eight people watching, and yes, I was not clearing thinking of video quality when I walked over to get the lemon.

The song: “Man” by Neko Case.

Pushing the Cart

Thanks to a friend, Dylan has a shopping cart. He’s been pushing it around for the last few months and has gotten very impressive with it. My favorite would be when he hits the kitchen tile floor, slides just a little bit, and decides the cart can be pushed from any direction, any which way. When this video was taken, he was not yet walking.